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Things to Do

Crimson Rosella.jpg
Bird watching

Comboyne is a mecca for bird-watchers. We some 150 species having been seen in recent years, although several are vagrants. 

Ellenborough Fall.jpg
Ellenborough Falls

Comboyne is the gateway to Ellenborough Falls for Visitors from the Port Macquarie region. Read more...

Walking Trails

There are several walks around Comboyne, recommended by the locals. Read more...

Rawson falls.jpg
Boorganna Nature

Rawson Falls can be found in Boorganna Nature Reserve, just 13km west of Comboyne. Read more...

Park BBQ Benches.jpg
Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a great place to meet friends for an afternoon BBQ. Playpark, BBQ facilities, in the village. 

Street View of the Byabarra Cafe and Bar

The village of Byabarra is close by. It is renowned for The Byabarra Cafe and Bar, with its stunning views and a la carte menu. 

Country Road
Scenic Drives

There are a number of recommended driving routes that really showcase the area. Read more...

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