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Scenic Drives

Scenic Drive - Comboyne Village

This short drive will take you around the village and past a number of scenic places where you can stop and take in the view.

Start in Comboyne Village and visit the Showground, Old Church, Public School, before heading out along Stennetts Road and back through the village to Boorganna Nature Reserve. 

Returning from Boorganna Nature Reserve to Comboyne Club and the Udder Cow Cafe.  

This drive will take up to an hour. Allow extra time to stop at various places. 


Scenic Drive - Elands, Wingham, Killabakh

This scenic drive starts in Comboyne Village. Leave the village along the Wingham Road following the signs to Taree. 

Further along, you'll turn right onto Colling Road towards Elands and Ellenborough Falls. This is a dirt road, though is easy to drive, take it in an enjoy the scenery.

At Elands, you can follow the signs for Ellenborough Falls. This route follows Bulga Road towards Wingham, passing through Bobin and Marlee. 

Stop in Wingham to explore this historic town before heading up the Comboyne Road through Killabakh back to Comboyne. You will pass through some amazing rainforests.

Take these roads nice and steady as they can be slippery and narrow in places. 

This drive will take just over two hours. 


Scenic Drive - Innes View, Ellenborough, Long Flat, 

This scenic drive starts in Comboyne Village and will take a road that is suitable for 4x4 wheel vehicles only. 

Leave Comboyne Village along Wingham Road and follow the signs for Boorganna Nature Reserve. Continue past Boorganna Nature Reserve and turn right onto Toms Creek Road. It is signposted 4x4 vehicles only. You will have some amazing views of the surrounding countryside. 

Follow Toms Creek Road all the way to Ellenborough. Turn right along Oxley Highway and stop off at Long Flat Pub for some good food. Turn right onto Bagnoo Road and follow through the hills and across Thorne River. Turn right back onto Comboyne Road and into the Village. 

This drive will take just under two hours. 

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