Roads to and from Comboyne

There are three roads into and out of Comboyne.

They are:-

  • Comboyne Road (the northern gateway)

  • Lorne Road (the eastern gateway)

  • Wingham Rd ( the Southern gateway)

The northern gateway is all sealed road.

The eastern and southern gateways are twisting unsealed roads.

Comboyne Rd (via Wauchope - northern gateway)

This is the main transport corridor to and from Comboyne.  Comboyne Rd starts from the Oxley Highway west of Wauchope.

From the Oxley Hwy it travels mainly in a south westerly direction to Byabarra before making a steep ascent up onto the plateau.

Late 2023 roadworks report: -

  • Widening of the Oxley Hwy just east of the Comboyne Rd junction is being undertaken.  Stop lights and pilot vehicles are in operation.

  • As you commence the ascent to the plateau there are semi permanent "roadwork" in place as a result of slippages.  The roadway is reduced to one lane for short periods.  There is one set of traffic control lights in place managing one short section.

Country Road

Lorne Rd (via Kew - eastern gateway)

The plateau can be reached from the M1 at Kew via Kendall and Lorne.  The road is sealed from the M1 until Lorne.

From Lorne there are about 15km of unsealed road to the top of the plateau.  The condition of the dirt road surface varies depending on weather and council maintenance schedules.

We strongly recommend that caravans and RV's avoid this road.  

Note that milk and timber log trucks travel on this road daily.  Some sections of the road are very narrow.

Please drive slowly to protect yourself and other road users.


Wingham Rd (via Wingham/Taree southern gateway)

The road surface is sealed from Comboyne to  "Tip Corner".  That is sealed with a decent variety of potholes.  From Tip Corner the road is unsealed almost to Wingham.

Travelling south towards Wingham/Taree the road passes dairy and cattle farms before reaching the Elands turnoff (to Ellenborough Falls).  


To go to Wingham/Taree from Comboyne do not take the Colling Rd Elands turnoff.  Instead pass south westerly (straight ahead) up the hill following the dirt road.

Wingham Rd passes down the southern side of the mountain range into the Wingham township.  From Wingham it is a short drive into Taree

Green Forest