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Rivercare Group

Comboyne now has a river care group, trying to protect our precious river. The recent drought and following rain has put the river system in Comboyne and everywhere else under new pressure. The group wants to improve the condition of the Thone River in the village for all to enjoy.

Currently the riverbank is overgrown with privet and other invasive weeds. Our aim is to remove weeds and regenerate the area back to its native condition to protect our native plants and animals.

Did you know we have platypus in the river in town? They rely on native vegetation and clean water and there are also native birds and other animals needing native habitat to survive.

The work we do will help to prevent or minimise erosion and improve water quality. Multi layered vegetation acts as a filter to clean water as it goes into the river and provides the right environment for our native species to thrive.

The river care group meets on the first weekend a month to work on the river. If you would like to join us or need more info please contact Marg email:

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