Progress Party Fundraiser

Sunday 17th November 9.00am to 3.00pm - At the Museum, 2511 Comboyne Road.

Yes, but what progress has been made?

Well, I'm glad you asked! The wall cladding has been completed, and you will have seen the brand new roof as you drive past. And we owe a HUGE thank you to the sewerage workers, who have given us heaps and heaps for fill to level the land out the back for our new Exhibition Shed. The new timber windows should be happening RIGHT NOW, and we should have the electricity connected in the next month.

So what is the hold up, then? Yes, well! We hit a bureaucracy hurdle with the Council, and a money hurdle with the State Government. While the Council staff have been a pleasure to work with - and they have been enormously helpful - they nevertheless have a 3" thick rule book that they have to apply, and the conditions on the Development Application approval ran to 7 pages long! Gads! Yes, we are now working through that one slowly. And the Grant money from the State Government comes with strings attached, so getting the second instalment of $40,000 is a bit like getting blood out of a stone! And we all know how hard that is, don't we!

So, we are getting there, OK! Just a bit slower than we hoped. And by the way, we have just applied for another State Government Grant for over $50,000 for new toilets, pathways, car parking, etc. We are crossing our fingers on that one, folks. Some toilets would be good, eh? Until then, we will be crossing more than our fingers, I can tell you!

In the meantime, the Comboyne Museum is looking fantastic! We hope you can come along to the Progress Party on Sunday 17th November to have a look.

Thanks. John Hutchison, on behalf of our small but hard working Committee.

Wow! Look at me now!

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