Comboyne Museum refurbishment is coming along!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

The refurbishment of the Comboyne Museum is coming along very nicely, having obtained

grants over the past 2 years from Port Macquarie Hastings Council, Community Building

Partnership Fund, and the Regional Cultural Fund totally $152,000.

We have a new roof, and the weatherboards are in the process of being put up now the

asbestos has been removed.   Windows are being made to replace the aluminium windows

in the house so we can maintain the authenticity of the building.

We have the funds for a big shed to house donated farm equipment, and contractors are

being sourced at this time.

A Progress Party is being planned for Sunday 17th November in the form of a fundraising

morning tea. The Museum will be open to the public and it is anticipated that the house will

be looking very good at that stage.

The grounds are continually being improved by a dedicated band of volunteers and will

hopefully be a great spot to picnic.

Museum before renovations have started

The Committee are currently applying for a grant for toilet facilities and parking.

Stages 2 and 3 will be a Men/Women’s Shed and an Artist in Residence accommodation.

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