An outstanding Campdraft!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Friday --smoke --dust--and hot conditions and the start of our Campdraft;

Saturday --not so hot but still dusty and plenty of smoke around until late afternoon cooled off with a shower of rain;

Sunday --great conditions-cooler day and dust and smoke under control;

with a fantastic team of workers we held our 3 day event.

Agnes, Dennis and Christine Latimore making available a paddock to hold cattle and a paddock for us to have extra competitors and we were on our way!

Cattle donors--this was a big ask in the conditions at present; volunteers - thank goodness we have some amazing people is all I can say.

Including the sponsors each year willing to support us and the community all came together and I am sure we all benefited from our fantastic event with money generated into our community.

This is a THANKYOU to everyone who helped in any way, we need all of you to make things like this successful.

Vickie Fisher & Sue Fisher would like to thank all the wonderful cooks who donated goodies and the terrific workers who slaved in hot conditions in the kitchen with her to keep the food coming and the customers happy.

We have a rather special community


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