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The village of Byabarra is situated close to Comboyne. It is renowned for the Byabarra Cafe and Bar, with its stunning views and a la carte menu. 

Byabarra was originally known as Sleepy Hollow.
When the first PO was planned a name change had to occur
as there was already a town by that name. An old aboriginal known as Black Charlie told Mr Thomas Haywood ‘Sleepy Hollow’ meant ‘Byabarra’, so the name was taken.

Early settlers in the district of Byabarra came for the
high-quality timber and to farm. Byabarra dairy
farmers sent their cream off to Comboyne in horse &
carts before lorries arrived.


The small village and surrounding farms have
created a close-knit community with plenty of community
groups and regular community events held throughout the
year. For more information see Byabarra Community
Connection Facebook page.

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