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The Comboyne plateau was formed around 18 million years as a result of volcanic activity. At an elevation of 700m, it has fertile volcanic soil, high rainfall and remnants of tropical forests.


Surrounding the township of Comboyne are beautiful rolling hills, extensive avocado farms and dairies.


Many people consider it is the best-kept secret of the mid-north coast!

Comboyne is a small rural town situated at the top of one of Australias few natural plateaus, proudly sitting 705 meters above sea level. With rich, fertile volcanic soils and reliable rainfall, the community was initially established around the timber and dairy industries. Over recent times the area has embraced avocado, kiwi fruit, potato and blueberry farming. 

Conveniently located 56km from Port Macquarie and 35km from Kew with great walks and waterfalls, birds and nature watching, the town is becoming an increasingly popular location for a weekend away in nature.

The Comboyne Story

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